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Support for Bluware continues to grow as the frustration with closed technology and disparate applications rise. Learn more about our strategic investors, partners, and alliances.



Shell Ventures is the corporate venture capital arm of Royal Dutch Shell plc ("Shell"). Continuing Shell's tradition in venture capital since 1997, Shell Venture's investment focus covers the full energy spectrum from O&G to renewable energy technologies and digital solutions. We are a strategic investor seeking technology companies and business models with energy solutions that can create substantial deployment value. Shell Ventures co-invests with other corporate investors and venture capital funds in both early stage and late stage (growth capital) companies, generally investing $2M-$20M over the life cycle of the deal.


EV is an independent growth equity firm applying its specialized expertise to build world-class companies and uncover new technologies in the oil and gas sector. EV’s team leverages specialist knowledge, advisors, proven practices, and a global network to scale businesses that push the edge of technology innovation. Since 2002, EV has raised five funds with committed capital approaching $1.000 million. With teams in Stavanger, Norway; Houston, Texas; and Aberdeen, Scotland, EV Private Equity helps companies operate competitively and achieve a more sustainable future.



Bluware is an advanced technology partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and one of only 12 oil and gas partners currently. We have relied on AWS for their own production systems and IaaS for more than 5 years, as well as their extensive services such as EC2, S3, and Lambda.

AWS is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses like Bluware scale and grow. Millions of customers are leveraging AWS cloud products and solutions to build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.



Paradigm, an Emerson™ seismic data compression roaming capability, enables end users to rapidly manipulate large seismic volumes while maintaining seismic precision and reducing data storage costs. This capability, based on a technology partnership with Bluware, is implemented natively within the Paradigm interpretation suite, allowing users to seamlessly analyze their data. Compression roaming provides significantly better results when compared to other industry solutions. Bluware’s seismic compression technology, VDS, was developed to provide a better solution for IT, HPC and end users, driving lower costs while improving the end user experience.



Roxar, an Emerson™ seismic solution, includes seismic-based stochastic inversion, tools for seismic import, seismic attributes, seismic visualization and sampling of seismic to 3D grids for further use in the geological modeling workflow. With Model Driven Interpretation, you can capture uncertainty throughout the interpretation process to levels and speeds previously unheard of, generate multiple realizations, and build accurate and robust reservoir models to make better than ever reservoir management decisions.



Geoprocesados is a geoscientific company with wide experience in land and marine seismic processing, interpretation, and characterization studies, as well as data handling of exploration and production information. Geoprocesados is Bluware's exclusive partner in Mexico.


IesBrazil is the exclusive reseller of Bluware’s seismic platform and software in Brazil. IesBrazil offers a portfolio of technology solutions for the oil and gas industry including business development services in the Brazilian market to domestic or foreign companies and delivers advanced solutions through algorithms in data management, data virtualization, data analytics, data visualization, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, IoT, systems integration, architecture, and infrastructure.


In collaboration with Lumina Geophysical, Bluware's unique non-linear cross plot coloring provides complete confidence that AvO anomalies describe the 3D spatial extent of subsurface material anomalies - reservoirs and fluids. See anomalies in the subsurface, where it matters, even before they are mapped or recognized in the cross plot. 


Bluware and NVIDIA,  along with Calgary Scientific, Lenovo, and Magma, have developed a solution architecture to enable geoscientists to perform graphics- and processing-intensive tasks on their desktop computers, laptops or mobile devices with all of the data storage and real-time processing carried out on the cloud. This can include processing raw seismic data, interpreting, modeling, and running simulations. It is common practice to use visualization to operate a regular workstation remotely on mobile devices, but until recently the quality and performance of the visualization has been limited by the capabilities of these devices. 

The combined solution supports challenging scenarios related to interactivity, scalability, data management, and performance. The joint solution enables geoscientists to access cloud-enabled applications on mobile devices with the performance and quality of a dedicated workstation.





The Bluware Platform powers Sound QI’s QI-Pro software, a multi-dimensional cross plotting environment for the interactive geological translation of seismic attributes. Bluware provides the speed and agility for QI Pro software users to instantly classify large multiple volumes of seismic data, delivering an innovative approach for geoscientists to better understand subsurface data in real time. Together, the technologies from both companies significantly increases the velocity at which G&G data drives business decisions.



The Open Subsurface Data Universe™ (OSDU) Forum consists of large oil and gas operators and service organizations focused on developing a standard data platform that will bring together exploration, development, and wells data. This will result in faster delivery of capabilities, and lower implementation and lifecycle costs across the Subsurface Community. 

The Bluware VDS system has been contributed by Bluware as OpenVDS to the Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) Forum and has been adopted as the main and preferred format for seismic data by OSDU.  This ensures a true openness and scalability for the VDS file system.