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Bluware, Hue, and Headwave Forming a New Powerhouse for E&P Geoscience and Engineering Technology

Houston, TX, October 13, 2016 – Bluware Inc., Hue AS and Headwave Inc. will soon join forces to form the most capable and innovative organization in the field of geoscience and engineering software. The new company will boast more than 100 technology professionals spread across offices in Houston, Oslo, Paris and Vietnam.

The planned merger brings together a highly respected software consulting team with the most advanced geoscience software development platform. While Bluware has a track record for delivering innovative solutions to industry giants, the technology from Hue and Headwave supports business-critical activities at major oil companies and provides a foundation used by commercial software vendors. Together they will deliver even more powerful software capabilities that outpace anything the industry has seen to date. These new technology and services offerings will enable future industry leaders to discover and produce more hydrocarbons with a stronger return on investment.

“Now is the time to move forward,” said Rick Jones, Bluware CEO. “We see major computing innovations in the form of Multicore Processing, GPUs, Cloud, IoT, Analytics and Machine Learning. These new capabilities will drive the 3rd Wave of E&P software—bringing new solutions to current problems and empowering industry leaders to tackle a completely new range of challenges.”