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Bluware helps the oil and gas industry accelerate digital transformation initiatives and adopt cloud computing for geophysical data, applications, and workflows.

Traditional or legacy applications utilize files instead of objects which can’t be retrieved quickly or cost-effectively in the cloud. This makes it frustratingly difficult and painfully slow to import and export projects for use in today’s applications. It also is one of the biggest bottlenecks to efficiently exploit global expertise and resources.



Acquire and process subsurface data.


Significantly reduce costs when you Store subsurface data.


Use VDS with your exisitng applications.


Exploit data with advanced interpretation methods.

Open Architecture

We’ve created a development environment that allows you to customize in terms of technology, libraries, applications, workflows, plugins, and more. Our APIs enable development on the platform in Python, C++ or C#/.Net.

Object-Based Format That is Cloud-Ready

Your existing files can be transcribed into an object-based format that is cloud-ready. This essentially reduces the cost of cloud storage, removes the need to investigate and purchase localized hardware to increase speed, and unlocks the ability to move data in and out of the cloud and legacy applications quickly.

Designed for Seismic Data Workflows

There are several platforms available on the market that could potentially be reconfigured, although it requires substantial resources and commitment to manage the complexities of geophysical processing and interpretation applications. None of them are tailored specifically for the use cases of your G&G team. Every piece of technology we’ve included in the platform has already been tested and configured to immediately deliver value to your business users.


The oil and gas industry is facing bottlenecks in geophysical workflows, specifically in consumption of geophysical data. These barriers are dramatically reducing their ability to make timely and informed decisions.

The most common bottlenecks:

Files vs. Objects

Data Volume and Size

Robust Algorithms Competed for GPU Space & Time

Multiple Iterations of Workflows not Well-Integrated

Data Transfer Speed and Accessibility 

Mega-Data Visualization (Regional vs. Single Lines of Seismic)

Repetitive, Mundane Tasks

A Shortage of Expertise

Our platform helps address these issues head-on, so the upstream geoscience sector can cost-effectively begin exploring cloud computing and advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, for geophysical workflows.

Every organization that utilizes seismic data will need to tackle these roadblocks in order to reduce IT overhead, minimize GPU and super-computing expenses, and speed up the process of analyzing and interpreting data sets without increasing personnel. To truly unlock the advantages of cloud-computing, they will first need to be able to compress, store, transfer, and format the data in a way that can be retrieved, manipulated and shared efficiently worldwide.



The possibilities become limitless when these barriers are no longer obstacles to universal productivity.

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